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My Name is Liza, 

I live in a spot on the globe called Israel.

I design and create uniqe Statement Jewelries, mostly made by hand. Every piece is touched and assembled by my own hands with a lot of love, for my clients living in different spots on the globe, loving and appreciating me, my passion and my Jewelry creations.

My Jewelry design are especially small series of original and unique handmade Jewelry that portray love and beauty and through which the enticing world of ancient times, including shapes and techniques that were used by craftsman in the past, are reflected.

Everything that surrounds me is a source of inspiration for me, I am very much inspired by the endless beauty of nature and its processes and investigate the lives of ancient cultures, near and far old and new, old-fashioned and updated, loud and quiet, complex and simple.


Sources of inspiration are such as shapes, signs, techniques, nature, urban life, cult icons and naturally jewelry from ancient times. All these sources of inspiration, alongside many others, are reflected in my Jewelries.

At the end it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, wearing my Jewelries gives you a look that nobody around you will have, it's just depands on who you are and how much courage you've got for wearing my Jewelries."

Kisses Liza 

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