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Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Statement Jewelry collection

The Dress Up Collection was created based on textile patterns from the contemporary fashion world. Clothing such as jackets, collars, sleeves and ties were the sources of inspiration out of which a few small details were selected and became part of a jewelry collection.

Folding, patterns, dressmaking and sewing are the techniques that stood before my eyes when working with metal, which is why metal folding, bending and different threading are central elements in the collection exactly as they are in working with soft textile. The finishing was also taken from the world of dyeing fabric – I imitated unique textures and different color tones by blackening metal.

The Dress Up Collection was made by using the photochemical etching technique and is composed of golden and blackened elements, engraved and cut in different shapes. Strips of leathers are manually inserted into the pendant that were cut and fitted to the pattern of the pendant. The elements are worn by stringing a leather strip into a buckle so that each and every woman can wear the jewelry according to the length she desires.

Every design in the collection comes in two versions, golden and elegant or blackened and dramatic.

Every pendant in the collection is named after one of the leading fashion designers in the world.

The materials are: brass pendants or blackened brass with Lacquer coating, leather.

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