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Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Statement Jewelry collection

Technology - a term that is inseparable from our lives today, answering many different needs, both physical and spiritual. As it has become a real part of our existence, I performed some research as a source of inspiration, and arrived at the expression "motherboard" – the beating heart of every computer around us.

An electronic motherboard is comprised of different components that are inter-connected. Each sample in the collection is comprised of a number of elements of different materials that create a homogenous look. The collection is constructed of metal parts embracing flexible mirrors that are mounted in special engravings in the metal panel. The play of shapes and colors – black, gold and flashes of mirrored light – create a unique and interesting language combining innovation and tradition, bionic and human, individual and system.

The Motherboard collection was undertaken with a photochemical etching technique and comprises golden and blackened elements that are cut and engraved in different shapes. The materials: bronze, leather, flexible mirrors and rivets.

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