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Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Statement Jewelry collection

HELLO AFRICA collection was made by a photochemical etching technique that is composed of large golden pendants, embedded and cut in different shapes. The pendants are entwined with natural cotton threads in different colors that are hand- knitted. They are worn by tying the wires so that each customer can decide upon the desired length.

The collection emerged from the study of body paintings of African Tribes when each and every painting portrayed a certain element of life: self-expression, personal status in tribe, expression of maturity from childhood to adulthood, personal expression of joy and sorrow and of course camouflage, deterring and rituals.

Every pendant in this collection is named after one of the African Tribes and signifies for me something of their world. I hope that every woman who will wear a pendant from the collection will think about its significance for her personally, like a personal charm.

Materials: brass pendants with a lacquer coating, natural cotton threads, epoxy filling.

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